About Us

Skyscrapernews.com was established in 2000 and has grown to be the UK most read online industry news website and is now also proud to be the UK largest online database of building information.

A small jobs section was created on skyscrapernews.com back in August 2008 to test the response of the readership. We were absolutely blown away by the results and overwhelmed with the quality of job seekers applying for the vacancies.

After several months of planning, designing and investment we believe we have created a jobs board website that is easy to use, affordable and effective. To ensure we remain targeted we have concentrated on 3 main verticals within the built environment, construction, engineering and energy.

We believe we are different to the competition because we have excellent market sector understanding, we appreciate what makes a job board effective and we are focused on delivery. We also have the advantage of our association with skyscrapernews.com a website that currently generates 1,800,000 page views a month and has over 80,000 regular subscribed readers all of whom will view your vacancies.